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Parse Error


You are trying to use the scriptlet Moslate (or something similar) and get a parse error:
  1. Parse error: parse error, unexpected '&' in ...\moslate.class.php(1133) : eval()'d code(1) : eval()'d code on line 1


Using your editor you may have entered:
  1. {scriptlet} echo 'Hello World!'; {/scriptlet}

But using a WYSIWYG-editor may convert it to:
  1. {scriptlet} echo 'Hello World!'; {/scriptlet}

The PHP code is now invalid (the first line of the PHP code, hence the error message says "eval()'d code(1)").

 solution 1 

Do not use a WYSIWYG-editor for that content item. You can switch off the WYSIWYG-editor in the global configuration. (You may prefer solution 2 if you are used to your WYSIWYG-editor)

 solution 2 

Do not use the scriptlet Moslate but create your own Moslate instead. This way you should be able to continue to use your WYSIWYG-editor because all PHP-code is kept out of the content item.
Please see option C and D of the Hello PHP World HOW-TO.