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(Son-of-)Suckerfish with IE7


Extended Menu itself is completely browser independent. If you report any problems it is important to mention which menu template or CSS you are having problems with and which modifications you made.
Please report problems in a forum (assuming you have searched the forum already). The suckerfish menu templates are all based on a independent source (link is provided next to each of the menu templates). Problems may likely appear with the original implementation as well and you may not want to restrict your search to the Extended Menu.

 symptom 1 

For the suckerfish menu template I got reports that the drop downs were refusing to scroll back up (collapse), also mentioned as "sticky".

 symptom 2 

Reported as: The first sub level is placed under the next top level menu.

 symptom 3 

Reported as: Items are detached - appearing under the next item on the right.



 solution 1 

Say your menu is a child of an element with the id "topmenu" you may want to add the following to your CSS:
  1. #topmenu li:hover, #topmenu li.hover {
  2.     position:static;
  3. }


 solution 2 

Removing the following line from the menu.css (line 94?) seem to have helped:
  1. float: left;

 solution 3 

Try to add the following to your CSS:
  1. ul.mainlevel-son-of-suckerfish-horizontal li > ul {
  2.   left: 0;
  3. }
- comment by brandonjp (February 2nd, 2007 at 5:13 pm)