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Moslates Overview


This is an overview of the Moslates available as exports. More detailes can be found in one of the other pages.

 samples - export 

htmltext Embedded text gets transformed to text only, HTML-tags will not have any effect (for example ">" is converted to ">").
html:decode Embedded text gets transformed back to HTML (for example ">" is converted to ">").
replace Replaces a matching text by its replacement (given by parameters).
keywordhilight Hilights keywords by custom applying a style sheet class to it.
linkifykeywords Converts keywords to links.
linkifytext Automatically converts text links to real links.
scriptlet Lets you execute PHP inside content.

 mambo - export 

content:include Includes another content item in parts or complely.
content:link Creates a (SEF enabled) link to another content item.
module:include Like mosloadposition, just more versatile.
mambo:get Loads one or more entries of a Mambo table into a Logic variable.
user:get, content:get, category:get, section:get, menu:get, weblink:get Like mambo:get, but for the specific table.
user:getcurrent Like user:get, but the current logged in user.

 media - export 

flash:insert Inserts the HTML to play a Flash movie (should be XHTML valid)... if you want you could watch my great Flash movie ;-)
iframe:insert Inserts the HTML for an IFrame (you can use that if your WYSIWYG-editor has problems to let you directly enter an IFrame).
google:map Helps you to insert Google Maps on your Mambo page.

 logic - export 

c:set Sets a property value within the logic variable scope by evaluating EL (expression language) (see JSTL).
c:remove Removes a Logic variable (see JSTL).
c:out Outputs an evaluated EL value (see JSTL).
c:forEach Iterates through a list/array property from the Logic variable scope (see JSTL).
c:if Conditional block (see JSTL).
c:choose, c:when, c:otherwise Another case-like conditional blocks (see JSTL).
jsp:include Includes a file (see JSTL).
c:import Includes or imports a local or remote file (see JSTL).
c:url Constructs an URL (see JSTL).
c:param Parameter for c:import and c:url (see JSTL).
sql:query Executes a SELECT SQL query and stores the result in a list/array property within the Logic variable scope (see JSTL).
sql:update Executes an INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE SELECT SQL query (see JSTL).
sql:param Parameter for sql:query and sql:update (see JSTL).
jsp:useBean Instantiates an object and stores it as an instance within the Logic variable scope (see JSTL).
jsp:setProperty Sets a property of a bean/object (see JSTL).
jsp:getProperty Returns a property of a bean/object (see JSTL).
addProperty Adds a property to a list/array property within a logic variable scope (non standard).
removeProperty Removes a property from a list/array property (non standard).