Moslate Module


The Moslate Modules enables you to execute Moslates, regular Mambots or PHP inside a module. The component/Mambot Moslate and this module are independent and can be installed separatelly without the other. However, the default mode of this module is "Parse Moslates only" which obviously requires the component/Mambot Moslate to be installed. By choosing one of the other modes you are able to use it without it.


Here are some fields you will see when you click on the module to change its parameters.

 Module Class Suffix 

Like in almost every the suffix which might get used when the module is displayed. It is not used by the module directly because all the output depends on what it is told to output (no additional output will be displayed).

 Enable Cache 

Also a configuration found in most modules which is not used directly by this module. (Will be used by mosLoadModules)

 Module Mode 

The Moslate Mode defines the meaning of the text parameter.

 Show "as is" 

The module should output the text without further processing.

 Parse Moslates only 

Only Moslates will be processed. You would enter in the text parameter what you would otherwise have entered in a content item. This mode requires that the Moslate component is installed.

 Use Mambots 

Mambots will be processed as if this were a content item (some Mambots may not work correctly because only few attributes are set).

 Eval as PHP 

In this mode the text parameter should contain the PHP code (without "").

 User ID 

If you set an id of a user the content will be parsed as if that user wrote the text. This will only affect the mode Parse Moslates only and Use Mambots.

 Remove BRs 

Joomla/Mambo adds <BR /> for each new line of the Text-parameter which will lead into problems especially when executing PHP. Using this parameter, those BR-elements will be removed before processing.


This is where your content or PHP code goes. The meaning depends on mode.