Extended Menu Pathway


This is a Joomla/Mambo module intended as a sub project of the extended menu to display the pathway without the access key markup.


This module does not produce the pathway by itself but instead changes an existing one.


You should assign the module to the module position "pathway". To activate it change the code in the index.php file of your site template from "mosPathway();" to "mosLoadModules('pathway', -1);".


 Module Position 

Module Position of Pathway to use... mosPathway is called otherwise.

 Parse Access Key 

This parameter controls how the pathway output may be changed. For more details see the parameter of the Extended Menu. (The Extended Menu need to be installed to use this parameter)

 Pathway Style 

This controls whether the pathway should be further parsed/transformed.

The default output will be displayed unchanged.

 Flat List 
The default output will is parsed and transformed to a list instead.

 Default HTML 
Using this Pathway Style you will get a HTML markup similar to the built in pathway (but allows you to hide the first entry for example) - useful if you are unwilling to change your CSS for an unordered list.

 Hide First Entry 

If you set this parameter to "Yes" the first entry (home-link) is removed. (This requires path style to value other than "Unchanged".)